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More and more information is being visualised. Diagrams, data and information graphics are utilised wherever increasingly complex elements are present, whether it is in magazines, non-fiction books or business reports, packages or exhibition designs. Data Flow presents an abundant range of possibilities in visualising data and information. Today, diagrams are […]

Data Flow 2: Visualising Information in Graphic Design

What are the things that you must consider Because lots of photo editing software are in a market nowadays, you may be hard up in choosing which one is the best. Some are also free of charge, you can find these free photo editors on the Internet. However, we have […]

Free Photo Editing Software

Losing Weight with Photoshop Altering a person’s body is a very sensitive topic. Check out this great tutorial showing some Photoshop techniques to get a great body without looking like an alien. Source:How to Transform the Body in Photoshop Read more about Liquify Filter here: Well, I’m not a […]

Losing Weight with Photoshop