Advanced Artistry: Pro Photoshop Tutorials

If you’re a Photoshop user with a working knowledge of the basics, you may well enjoy the Advanced Photoshop tutorials. With these PRO tutorials, you can hone some very advanced Photoshop skills.

Here is the most interesting Photoshop tutorials list.


The Beginners Guide to Compositing will tell you all about fundamentals of compositing, including necessary techniques to compositing photographs together.


The next of the Photoshop tutorial is called Special FX 4 Pack. Working with textures, adding fire to an image and other special effects are included in this bundle.


The next of the Photoshop tutorials tackles the subject of retouching. In thisRetouching 4 Pack just for $74.99 you’ll learn the professional retouching techniques, how to retouch a portrait, burning and dodging without being destructive, frequency separation technique and many more.


Advanced PRO tutorials will also include a Fashion Retouching 4 Pack that teaches how to retouch skin without losing texture, how to remove objects and create textures.

Including in this Photoshop tutorial is mastery of fine techniques for people’s skin, giving them the look of perfect skin, of radiant and dramatically glowing skin, advanced techniques in metal skin looks, infrared and translucent skin, and the use of maps for displacement.

If you want to create a professional hand drawn look you can master that technique through this FREE Photoshop tutorial: