Help! How do you make a picture transparent ON the Photoshop WEBSITE

Katie asks:

Okie my last question didn’t really help me with the answer…i have no idea where the layer folder is, no idea! I want to make a picture transparent for a banner I’m doing but i can’t find the layer folder and the new website for Photoshop is driving me crazy! help! this is extremely important to me. i’ll repeat again…ON the Photoshop website is what i want to do the transparenting. I’ve tried downloading the photoshop but…no such luck because it wont exactly…work so the website is all i have. plz plz help thank u!

Photoshop Tutors answer:

If your image is in a GIF or PNG format and you want to make the background transparent, you can use either of the two following free online sites to remove the background:The first one may be easier to use as the transparify tool is under the Edit menu.